About Us

Clink Clank Clay is a company based in Singapore, and we specialize (or we try to, we're learning along the way, heh) in crafting earrings by hand, using clay. We also experiment with different mediums, such as resin and brass accents. We aim to produce quality, yet affordable earrings.

We love designing and putting together colours of clay to add a little sparkle into your daily styles/wardrobe. We hope that with these fresh out the oven pieces and the array of collections we launch, you'd find something you really fancy and would best fit your everyday style/look. 

And with that, we hope that you would love our creations as much as we loved making them! Pieces that were made, may not be perfect, and may have little quirks to them, but we want to be able to present you with the best pieces we can ever create, and to always only put out creations/collections that we are proud of.


Team Clink Clank Clay