What is Clink Clank Clay?

We create affordable handmade polymer clay pieces; earrings, hairclips, and hopefully (in the future) more pieces that we can incorporate into our & your daily lives, aside from accessories. 

Are all the earrings made by hand?

Yes, all our products are 100% handcrafted, designed and assembled by our team. 

Where do you ship to?

We ship to anywhere in Singapore. Unfortunately we are not available for worldwide shipping as of yet, but we're working on it! You could also drop us an email at hello@clinkclankclay.com or on our Instragram @clinkclankclay if you'd like to request for overseas shipping, and we will try our best to accede your request.

How much is shipping and how long does it take?

Shipping fee is at a flat rate of $1.60 for normal mailing, and $4.20 for Smartpac mailing at check out. Upon order confirmation, you will receive your parcel within 10 days. 

Do you have a physical store?

No, we currently do not have a physical store. All products are available only for online purchase. 

I received a damaged parcel, what do I do?

We are sorry if you received a damaged parcel. Please drop us an email at hello@clinkclankclay.com with a photo of the damage item and we will assist you further. 

What happens if I have not received my parcel after a week?

We apologise if the parcel takes longer to arrive. Please give 1-2 days of allowance as the shipping duration does not include weekends. If you're worried, you can check in with us by dropping us a DM on Instagram (@clinkclankclay), or you can email us at hello@clinkclankclay.com. However, we would recommend that you opt for Smartpac delivery as we are not liable for any loss of items/mails that were mailed via normal mail. 

Do you offer clip on options?

Yes we do! Clip-ons are available at an additional of $1 per pair. Please let us know in the text box labelled "Additional Notes" at the product page that you'd like for your earrings to be converted to clip-ons. Additional costs of clip-ons WILL NOT be included when you check out, so please drop us an email or DM on Instagram together with your order number for us to advise you on further payment instructions. 

Are your earrings suitable for sensitive ears?

For sensitive ears, we recommend that you opt for the 925 Silver option at an additional cost of $2/pair. Let us know if you would like to opt for this option in the text box labelled "Additional Notes" on the product page. Additionally costs of 925 Silver option are NOT included when you check out, so please drop us an email or DM on Instagram together with your order number for us to advise you on further payment instructions. 

Do you remake old collections?

Unfortunately we do not remake old collections. However, we do, occasionally, have backorders if there is a high demand for the collection. You may wish to follow us on Instagram (@clinkclankclay) to be updated on backorders!


Can I return or exchange the earrings?

We do not accept any returns. All our earrings are handmade, hence, imperfections are possible. However, pictures posted on our site are in their truest state; true to colour, shapes, and possible flaws visible. So please only buy if you're okay with how they look. 

If you've received an item that was damaged through the shipping/mailing process, please drop us an email or Instagram DM and we will assist your further.


How long is the backorder waiting time?

Backorders usually completed in 2-3 weeks. Please only order if you are okay to wait. 

Can I combine my backorders and available pieces to pay for shipping only once?

Yes. Ready made pieces/available pieces will, by default, be shipped out only when backorder pieces are ready. But if you'd like to receive your ready made pieces/available pieces before your backorders, please drop us a Instagram DM (@clinkclankclay) or an email (hello@clinkclankclay.com), and we will be able to further assist from there. 

There is a slight difference with the design in my preorder/backorder compared to the photo shown, is this normal?

Please note that for backorders, we are replicating the designs that were originally made/sold, hence, we cannot ensure an exact replicate in terms of colour and placement for backorders. Again, we will try our best to make them look similar, so please order only you are okay with these possible differences.