Half & Half #1

Half & Half #1

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Pink Studded, Blueish-Green Hollow Semi-Circles & Pink Full Semi-Circles With Gold Flakes In LARGE

Cannot decide which colour you like? Well, we could not either, hence why we decided on using the most popular colour palettes (blue-ish green & mauve pink) in this half & half collection. We also love how a tiny tweak in the normal shapes helped change the total outlook of these earrings. Available in different sizes, and assembled in different variations, there is something for everyone!


Stud x width: 4cm x 2.7cm


Clip-ons +$1 

Changing to hooks +$0.50 

*For customisations please leave a note in the "Additional Notes" field, together with your email or Instagram handle so we can advise you on how to go about making additional payment. Thank you!